Podupti.me ratings for diasp.org pod

User Comment - User: Skye X Url: https://diasp.org/u/skyex Rating: 10
I <3 my pod.2011-10-02 19:22:40
User Comment - User: plasmabornelectric@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/people/30408 Rating: 10
love diasp.org2011-10-02 19:34:35
User Comment - User: jelundberg Url: https://diasp.org/people/28165 Rating: 9
Wonderful work so far. Enjoying the timely attention to the pod.2011-10-02 19:40:22
User Comment - User: unlearn Url: diasp.org/unlearn Rating: 10
mad cool2011-10-02 19:45:15
User Comment - User: Shazen Url: https://diasp.org/u/shazen Rating: 10
Super pod ... Continuez comme ça !2011-10-03 00:13:09
User Comment - User: sivadeferrera@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/u/sivadeferrera Rating: 10
Awesome. Brilliant. 2011-10-03 05:04:56
User Comment - User: mr minus Url: https://diasp.org/u/kelvinpittman Rating: 10
This is the pod of all pods.2011-10-04 15:52:14
User Comment - User: herzmeister Url: https://diasp.org/u/herzmeister Rating: 10
I for one welcome my diasp.orgian overlord.2011-10-10 09:54:34
User Comment - User: pritam@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/u/pritam Rating: 10
excellent2011-10-10 10:07:34
User Comment - User: Iurie Url: http://iurie.info Rating: 10
I'd like instead of „Open Source” on the wellcome page to be replaced with „Free Software”2011-10-10 10:39:10
User Comment - User: ric, what? Url: riccardocosti@diasp.org Rating: 10
the one, the best.2011-10-10 11:49:56
User Comment - User: Nathan Url: https://diasp.org/u/_ndsmith Rating: 9
No complaints, and proud to support my pod financially.2011-10-10 11:55:21
User Comment - User: crazy-jake Url: https://diasp.org/people/4841 Rating: 10
Awesome! Thanks for the free service! :D2011-10-10 15:27:41
User Comment - User: mayloo89 Url: https://diasp.org/u/mayloo89 Rating: 10
Really good pod!! I love it!2011-10-11 05:42:27
User Comment - User: taratatach@diasp.org Url: taratatach.diasp.so Rating: 10
David is doing such a great job !! Thanks to him ;-)2011-10-11 23:45:53
User Comment - User: JC Sese-Cuneta (謝施洗) Url: https://diasp.org/u/jcsesecuneta Rating: 10
Good access from the Philippines2011-10-15 02:48:45
User Comment - User: Martino Url: https://diasp.org/people/16671 Rating: 10
Great <3 With dia.so added2011-11-14 07:10:06
User Comment - User: carnops Url: https://diasp.org/u/carnops Rating: 9
Very nice mood and good experience, even if the pod seems a bit overloaded.2011-11-16 15:08:56
User Comment - User: Luis Eduardo Url: https://diasp.org/u/luiseduardo14 Rating: 10
GREAT!2011-11-23 17:49:19
User Comment - User: v6shell (jeff) Url: http://diasp.org/u/v6shell Rating: 7
Aside from dia.sdf.org (which isn't on here yet), diasp.org is my favorite pod. Much speedier than joindiaspora.com for me.2011-12-04 10:06:01
User Comment - User: jude Url: jude_cal@diasp.org Rating: 10
Im pround of my pod. and has a great server2011-12-05 07:38:30
User Comment - User: duduweiland Url: https://diasp.org/u/duduweiland Rating: 10
very very good!!2011-12-26 03:00:47
User Comment - User: alle@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/u/alle Rating: 9
the first "open" pod I've tried, really stable2012-01-06 12:36:04
User Comment - User: beardy_unixer@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/u/beardy_unixer Rating: 9
A large, very stable pod. Frequently updates to the latest main branch version. Usually, it's ahead of JoinDiaspora, but behind Diasp0ra.ca. About the right balance for conservative users.2012-01-17 03:12:27
User Comment - User: graphics4fun Url: https://diasp.org/people/62947 Rating: 10
While I am having trouble, the pod seems to be excellently laid out and usable. I really like it and looking forward to learning my way around!2012-01-28 11:59:16
User Comment - User: veoeluz@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/u/veoeluz Rating: 10
Really quite fast. Podmin seems very knowledgeable. I Hope his pod becomes a huge success! :)2012-11-05 12:34:40
User Comment - User: 0xAF Url: https://diasp.org/people/67ae77a6dc3e3eca Rating: 10
cool2013-06-11 12:14:20
User Comment - User: Erich Blank Url: https://diasp.org/u/noflag Rating: 10
Pretty good, but american services can't be trusted2013-11-24 18:30:40.868664
User Comment - User: joeboy@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/people/429b6e6176cc435b Rating: 10
Everything works fine, and has done for the last three years.2014-10-18 11:59:44.316361